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Pope’s Popularity

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Isaiah 40 (Incomparable)

Source: Isaiah 40 (Incomparable)

Live as I lived.

During a prayer time today after a conflict with a friend and roommate, I got a response, which drew me to look at the Beatitudes:

Jesus: Blessed are the spiritually poor—the kingdom of heaven is theirs.
    Blessed are those who mourn—they will be comforted.
    Blessed are the meek and gentle—they will inherit the earth.
    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness—they will be filled.
    Blessed are the merciful—they will be shown mercy.
    Blessed are those who are pure in heart—they will see God.
    Blessed are the peacemakers—they will be called children of God.
10     Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness—the kingdom of heaven is theirs.
Do you know how difficult that is, to live as Christ himself lived when faced with things like conflict? Seriously. I don’t know about you, but I can tell you one thing: I fail every day. Every day, I’m reminded that I suck at mediating conflict, that I’m not Christ, that all I am is a humble servant. That stinks in the face of ego.  Looks like next time, I’ll shoot back when shot at, because I don’t want to seethe in the face of anger.

More grace than brains.

Sin is sin is sin is sin, right?

I think that`s the way it goes. No matter what, none of us are perfect.

It`s also said somewhere in Scripture that we`re called to carry each other`s baggage. Not all of it, since no one can do that, but we need to share each other`s baggage.

I have trouble with this. I talk to people, they talk to me, and a lot of the time at the end, I feel like I`m carrying a metric fuckton of someone else`s problems. I think it`s a boundary issue, since I share so much and I`m open in my own life.

So what does this mean? Do I behave like a machine, and partition my life into little boxes?  I know I can`t carry this amount of stress in my life without exploding, something like this song.

Love As I Loved

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Daily Devotional: God’s Grace in the Midst of Mental Illness & Neurodiversity


King Saul throwing a javelin at David1 Samuel 16:14-17:11

This is a story of vexing mental illness on the part of king Saul.   We don’t know what this “spirit” that beset him was, since “spirit” was the only language the authors had to describe it. But we know that it led him to deep depression, to mood swings including fits of violent rage.   We know he threatened to kill those around him, including family, and would make attempts.

Perhaps today Saul would have gotten diagnosed with PTSD, bi-polar disorder, or some kind of neurological condition.

The fact David is called to his side, David sits at his side, and throughout his life David chooses not to take advantage of Saul’s illness by killing him and moving in as king even though David knows God has chosen David to replace Saul shows us something into God’s heart about illness.

mental illness a sicknessWe are quick to judge or condemn people…

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